Bayfield, Inc.

For over 40 years, Bayfield has worked with families and corporations crafting insurance and risk management solutions that address issues ranging from solving complex buy-sell and corporate succession issues, simplifying complex estate plans, and working with families that are just getting started with insurance and financial planning to ensure the decisions that are made today provide for financial flexibility and security in the future. Additionally, Bayfield crafts benefit solutions for companies both large and small, with a sophisticated understanding of the significant impact of the many macro issues impacting companies today.


Bayfield, Inc. - Website

Bayfield, Inc. was a newly formed company. After working with Banfield, Inc. to create a new brand, Fanning Communications then applied the brand to a new website. Built on the WordPress platform, Fanning Communications worked closely with the primaries to develop the content and the design of the new site so that it reflects the […]

Bayfield, Inc. - Brand Development

Bayfield, Inc. was a newly formed company. Fanning Communications worked with the primaries of Bayfield, Inc. to create a brand that reflected their new company.