About Us

Fanning Communications, Inc., is a full-service communications, marketing and advertising firm utilizing new media technologies to mine critical consumer and business information and create effective, timeless communications. Located minutes away from the Chicago Loop and in business since 2000, Fanning Communications works with national and international client partners, providing services that include market and area studies research, public relations, website development and optimization, custom publishing and content management, training development, multimedia production, social media creation and monitoring, advertising, branding, meeting planning and cloud application development.

Fanning Communications prides itself on the innovative thinkers that make up its team and how each client partner is provided a range of solutions meeting its unique goals. We term ourselves “marketing futurists” because we invest in the research and study of social groups, market trends and changing demographics within diverse geographical areas. The investment we make in such “area studies”permits us to identify emerging markets as well as the best messaging strategy to capture market share within diverse cultures.

Utilizing both foreign and domestic assets, Fanning Communications assists business and government agencies seeking to understand market and manufacturing trends both offshore and domestically, and agencies seeking to effectively deliver messaging to specific and/or diverse groups. Using a full spectrum of communication technologies, Fanning Communications also delivers the right message to the right audience at exactly the right time. Because our approach is not the everyday kind of marketing most agencies tend to provide, several of our satisfied clients suggested that we must be using a crystal ball to look into the future. While we certainly don’t take that approach, we do admit that seeking to understand what is “coming next” is a big part of our everyday work. It is this investment on our part to understand trends and accurately predict results that has led to our team becoming known as “marketing futurists.”