Village of Oak Lawn, Illinois Awards Newspaper Contract to Fanning Communications, Inc.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Date:  March 23, 2016 Contact:  John Fanning Telephone Number:  708-293-1430 Email:  [email protected] Oak Lawn, IL — The Village of Oak Lawn has awarded a contract to South Suburban-based Fanning Communications for production of a monthly newspaper that will be delivered to residents and businesses throughout the village.  In a five to one vote, Trustees awarded a one-year, extendable contract to the strategic communications firm after hearing from a trustee of South Suburban Crestwood, who spoke in praise of the services Fanning provides to that village from a monthly newspaper it has produced for the past several years. Delivered by mail to every household and business in the village, the new newspaper, titled Oak Lawn Matters, will have a circulation designed to reach the sixty thousand plus residents and business operators in the village.  It is anticipated that advertising within the publication will defray costs, similar to the “Crestwood Adviser” newspaper that the firm produces. “We are extremely pleased that leaders in Oak Lawn recognize the value we bring through our innovative communications plan,” John Fanning, President of Fanning Communications said.  “Social media overflows with lies and distortion, and it is vital that municipalities counter such nonsense by providing citizens a format for fact-checking.”   The publications produced by the firm for municipalities detail official actions and undertakings.  This allows people a resource to fact-check and counter misinformation and disinformation posted on social media sites. Produced both in print and digital format, the newsletter will be delivered by mail to all residences and businesses in the village with free copies also distributed through various retail establishments and enterprises throughout the village. Founded in 2000, Fanning Communications produces magazines and newspapers for private, non-profit and government organizations throughout the United States. The first issue of Oak Lawn Matters is scheduled to be delivered in June, 2016. XXX About Fanning Communications Fanning Communications Inc. is a full-service strategic communications, marketing and media relations firm utilizing new media technologies to mine critical marketing information and develop strategic communications.  Fanning Communications prides itself on the highly skilled technicians and innovative thinkers that make up its team and how each client partner is provided a range of solutions meeting their unique goals.